Thursday, July 2, 2009

First Post

Welcome to all!

This is the official blog of our unofficial reading group,
Under the theory tree.

The reading group is an unofficial community of a bunch of enthusiasts from the Centre for Comparative Literature in Hyderabad Central University to read theory and fiction, watch movies, discuss them and have lots of fun in the process.

The reading group meets every Tuesday from 3.30 pm - 5.00pm. The tentative venue is the lawn outside CIL

There is no quorum to be maintained. The meeting starts with whoever has come and others join in.
Though everyone has to participate equally, an Initiator is selected to ... ahem, initiate the discussion.

We have tentatively decided to fill the month in the following manner:
First Week: Theory
Second Week: Movie Discussion
Third Week: Theory Again
Fourth Week: Fiction

The Schedule for July 2009

7th July - Answering the Question: What is Enlightenment by Immanuel Kant
Initiator: Shyma

14th July - Discussion of the Movie Dev D
Initiator : Sreebitha
This movie will be screened on 10th July afternoon. For more details contact Sowmya.

21st July - Discussion of both Immanuel Kant's and Foucault's What is Enlightenment.
Initiator: Viju

28th July - The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga
Initiator: Sowmya

Click on the titles to view/download the respective document or movie.

What you can expect in the blog:
* Readings for each week
* Responses from the group on each reading
* Interesting movie and article links
* News and updates about the reading group
* and more!

Absolutely pissed by the retro looks, the design, the stupid caption? Well you are stuck with it unless you come up with something cooler, :P

- Viju


Group Name: Sowmya and Aparna
Blog Design:
Blog Header: Viju
Header Image: Dan Morelle through Flickr


  1. viju, i forgot to add--i think retro is real cool.. thanks for the design

  2. viju, u should credit thomas hardy along with aparna and me
    nandu thought our tree looked more like a plant. PJ: i said it will grow better when read to!

  3. Hi Viju n all, its realy cool. well designed and nice looking... Viju, if our Tree is colourful that will be so nice.
    Actually, our Tree shooted in Long Shot,so, its looks like Plant, i think Nandu didn't observe it. :-) and Sowmya's reply is realy nice...

  4. well said, praveen! actually a colour photo would have affected the total design. this, minimalist image however blends in with the faded look of the design.
    if we start putting photos, my explanation would become automatically non-valid, but then we can't help it, i guess :)

  5. see u at 3.30 pm today at the lawns with..., lovely weather

  6. FRIDAY FILM SCREENING (Dev D) on 10th July, 1.30pm @ Humanities lecture hall, right opposite ccl office, watch movie for free, ac hall, no refreshments. and viju, get the subtitled cd/dvd

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  8. @ viju.. i do not think this is the right place to post it. however, i did it so that i do not get embarassed later.

  9. oh..i have posted at the right place..yay..

  10. @don't worry, bipin, i have deleted the comment here. thanks!