Thursday, February 23, 2012

Continuing Reading

Ah, we are back!
We, of the never-dying-spirit is back, sans the bang, but we are continuing reading.

We are not reading this book again!
This time, let us look at Foucault, and read attempts to contextualize his works in the South Asian context.

One of the most influential and renowned venture along this line is Partha Chatterjee's lectures on the Political Society.

Chatterjee puts Foucault's theories on governmentality to great use: extends it and illustrates it with brilliant, but sometimes problematic, examples of 'populations' who " define themselves in terms of the very categories of governmentality (...) “Refugees, landless people, day laborers, homestead, below the poverty line …” and yet they insist that they form a “single family.” " (Link)

Without a doubt, Chatterjee's work has been read by us all. So let us go beyond Chatterjee, and read some of the criticism of the work. We will start with Niveditha Menon's critique of the essay from the blog, Critical Encounters (Thank you, Prem!)

Links to Readings

Reading the Original Chatterjee essay

If you want to brush up on the Chatterjee essay, reading this two-part review might be helpful. Part 1, Part 2
A more elaborate summary, from a Delhi lecture (PDF)
If you want to read the Political Society article in full, go here. (PDF)
And if you have lots of time to spare, or would simply love to read the whole book, You are welcome to do so!

The Article for the Theory Tree Reading Club Reading

Niveditha Menon's Critque of Partha Chatterjee's essay

We'll be reading Aloysius's critique next. If Prem gives us the article, that is.

The discussion can continue as comments on this post. 

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